Accountable Government

Making government more efficient, effective and accountable.

Governor Bryant has been a champion for accountable, transparent government since his time as State Auditor. He ushered in a new era of transparency as Lt. Governor, too, passing the first ethics reform in decades. His commitment to responsible spending of taxpayer dollars didn’t stop when he entered the Governor’s Mansion. Under Governor Bryant’s leadership, Mississippi now:

  • Requires the state attorney general and state agencies to prove that hiring outside attorneys is cost-effective and in the public interest.
  • Has a task force to review and reform contracting at the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
  • Requires drug screening for TANF recipients.
  • Has a full Rainy Day Fund.
  • Uses performance-based budgeting in four state agencies, which means we allocate money based on results, not politics.
  • Requires state agencies to create energy management plans.
  • Requires new facilities built by the state to meet more stringent energy conservation standards.
  • Provides a zero-interest loan to help cities and school districts convert to energy efficient vehicles.


Over the next four years, Governor Bryant will continue being a champion for taxpayers by working to:

  • Expand performance-based budgeting.
  • Reject bloat and budget-busting policies.
  • Rein in rising healthcare costs by promoting individual health responsibility, job growth, and low-cost alternatives to high-cost government expansions.
  • Save for the future by keeping the Rainy Day Fund full for emergencies.
  • Protect Mississippi’s credit rating by reducing and managing state debt.
  • Eliminate unnecessary state boards and commissions.
  • Reform contracting and bidding for state contracts.