Economic Growth

Governor Bryant’s leadership is moving Mississippi in the right direction to get our economy back on the right track.

Mississippi is being recognized as a leader in many economic rankings:

  • Home to the 6th lowest cost of living in the country.
  • Number five in the country for growth of women-owned businesses.
  • Number five in the country for advanced manufacturing.
  • The fourth most tax-friendly state in America.
  • The second best place for oil and gas investment in the world.
  • One of the five best places to be an entrepreneur.
  • The best place in the country to be a doctor.


You can see Mississippi’s momentum through:

  • State savings: Mississippi’s Rainy Day Fund is now full at $400 million.
  • Jobs: About 40,000 new jobs have been created in Mississippi since 2011. Mississippi added 8,800 more jobs in 2014 than in 2013.
  • Private investment: Over $2 billion in private investment has come into Mississippi since 2012.
  • Unemployment reductions: Mississippi’s unemployment rate has dropped about 3% since Governor Bryant took office. The number of people receiving unemployment benefits is down 24% since 2013.
  • Reductions in teen pregnancy: The teen pregnancy rate has dropped by 15% since 2011.
  • Growth of exports: The total value of the goods Mississippi exports has grown since Gov. Bryant took office.
  • Growth of the number of businesses: Mississippi has added 1,500 more businesses than it has lost over the last three years.
  • Growth in personal income: Over the next year, personal income is projected to grow by 3.9% in Mississippi.
  • Growth of the middle class: Over the last five years, the poorest 20% of Mississippians saw their household income increase by over 8%. Those Mississippians are joining the middle class, and the Mississippians already in the middle class saw their household income increase over the last five years, too.