Health Care

Better health care means a better quality of life and a growing economy.

A healthy Mississippi has always been in our state’s best interest, but health care is even more important now that it offers a way to expand our economy and save lives at the same time. Governor Bryant signed bills in his first term to:

  • Expand the University of Mississippi School of Medicine.
  • Establish the Office of Physician Workforce to create new medical residency programs in Mississippi.
  • Expand the Rural Physicians Scholarship.
  • Establish the Rural Dentists Scholarship.
  • Require health insurance plans in Mississippi to cover telemedicine.
  • Create tax exemptions inside “healthcare industry zones” so businesses like laboratory testing facilities and medical supply distributors can create jobs near major hospitals or in small communities.
  • Create a public-private partnership to serve as a chamber of commerce for healthcare.


In the next four years, Governor Bryant will continue making health care a priority. He will:

  • Continue on the road to reaching the goal of creating 1,000 new doctors in Mississippi by 2025.
  • Expand scholarships for doctors moving to underserved areas.
  • Provide for faster licensing of doctors.
  • Cut taxes for doctors serving in rural areas.
  • Continue to oppose Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, which is estimated to cost the state billions over the next fifteen years.