More Jobs

Good-paying jobs means more opportunities for success for Mississippians.

Governor Bryant pledged on his first day in office to make Mississippi the most job-friendly state in the country.  As Mississippi recovers in the Obama economy, state leaders are showing Washington how it’s done.


Here are just some of the businesses who have moved jobs to Mississippi or expanded during Governor Bryant’s time in office:

  • Aurora Flight Sciences (250 jobs)
  • Helen of Troy (300 jobs)
  • Yokohama Tire (500 jobs)
  • Natron Wood Products (200 jobs)
  • General Dynamics IT (1,000 jobs)
  • Green Circle Bio Energy (126 new jobs)
  • Nissan supplier park (800 new jobs)
  • Feuer Powertrain (300 new jobs)
  • Toyota (180 new jobs)
  • Raytheon (150 new jobs)
  • Sitel (500 new jobs)
  • United Furniture (400 new jobs)
  • Ice Industries (100 new jobs)
  • Calbee North America (254 new jobs)


In the last three years, Governor Bryant has signed bills to:

  • Create a job training grant for private businesses.
  • Establish a committee of small businessmen and women to recommend changes to state regulations on businesses.
  • Provide tax credits to offset the inventory tax.
  • Direct $8 million to workforce training without raising the unemployment tax.
  • Create a low-interest loan fund so local communities can build energy infrastructure, like gas lines.
  • Cut taxes on small businesses.
  • Cut taxes on telecommunications equipment used to expand broadband.
  • Cut taxes on goods produced in Mississippi if the goods are exported outside the state.
  • Cut taxes for employers who pay for employee training at Mississippi community or junior colleges.
  • Cut taxes on companies that receive materials through Mississippi’s ports, harbors, or airports.
  • Cut taxes on the use of energy in manufacturing.
  • Cut taxes paid on electricity created by oil and gas produced in Mississippi.
  • Cut taxes for companies performing research and development with a Mississippi university.


In the next four years, Governor Bryant is focusing on making sure Mississippi is strong for the future when it comes to job creation opportunities. He is working to:

  • Cut income taxes on the working families making less than $53,000 per year, benefitting 300,000 Mississippi households.
  • Continue to build a future where every Mississippian has the opportunity to be gainfully employed right here at home with a good-paying job.
  • Support the role of the Mississippi Development Authority as the job recruiting agency in the state.
  • Capitalize on economic sectors that are ripe for growth, like healthcare and advanced manufacturing.
  • Prioritize workforce training.
  • Maximize transportation infrastructure to make Mississippi a transportation hub for the global economy.
  • Ensure we continue to have a fair legal climate that does not hurt job growth.