Safe Communities

Supporting law enforcement is a priority in helping keep our communities and our families safe.

As a former Deputy Sheriff, Governor Bryant knows that one of the basic responsibilities of government is to guarantee our communities are safe. When children feel safe from violence, they’re free to learn and to pursue their dreams. When businesses feel safe from crime, they’re free to grow and expand. And when families feel safe in their neighborhoods, Mississippi is a better place to live. Since 2011, Governor Bryant has signed bills to:

  • Require immediate reporting of sex crimes against minors when discovered by healthcare professionals and others.
  • Retain sources of DNA in cases of suspected statutory rape and some other felonies to make finding perpetrators easier.
  • Give the Department of Human Services the authority to seek outside help in collecting child support payments.
  • Put 60 new highway patrolmen into the field and create a trooper school.
  • Reform criminal justice sentencing to restore clarity in sentencing and save money.
  • Provide funding for 16 new assistant district attorneys.
  • Provide additional funding for drug courts.


In the future, Governor Bryant will continue to:

  • Support increased funding for the trooper school.
  • Protect Mississippi veterans and military families.